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during a soccer game i came down on the outside of my ankle wrong and i felt it roll and snap. the pain was awful. this was yesterday, and now i can put weight on it but i cant really walk. im just worried that i could have torn something. its swollen and bruised and hurts on both sides of my ankle. im icing and elevating but the swelling has actually gotten worse, not better. i dont want to go to the doctor because i feel like there`s nothing wrong with me and im just being a baby. do you think its torn?


It is important for you to see a physician if you are having pain with walking or weight bearing activities. When you "sprain" an ankle, it involves a partial stretching or tearing of the ligaments. A physician can determine the degree of damage and may order an X-ray to rule out any type of fracture. In the meantime, keep it elevated and use ice for the swelling (20 minutes at a time with an hour break between icing).

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