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Exercise and Fitness

Right calf pain



my dad has been struggling with rt calf pain for 2 weeks now, he noticed this most after exercing on a treadmill on full incline. his doctor has ruled out a blood clot & have done an MRI on his rt calf which only showed a swollen calf muscle. The doctor has recommended to elevate & rest. the only problem is that he is MUCH WORSE at night and as the leg is resting. If he were a horse and could sleep standing up he would be much better... the more pressure on it the better it feels...He is in a great deal of pain and I`m not sure what the next move is??? He rarely takes even an asprin for a headache but is now taking muscle relaxers, percocets, anti-inflammotories, uses ice, keeps elevated, ace bandage. You name it, he`s done it. Any advice, it`s hard to believe that a swollen muscle strain??? is this painful and not getting ANY better...Help!


Exercising on a treadmill at full incline puts a great deal of stress on the muscles and tendons of the lower leg.  So what he is experiencing may be normal.  My advice is to discontinue the full incline routine and try walking with no incline.  From there he can progress slowly and gradually to a more manageable pain free incline setting. 

It is also important that he remember to stretch the muscles of the lower leg before and after each exercise routine. 

If this does not offer relief, I would obtain a second opinion from a physician regarding his situation.

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Jayme   Johnson, MS Jayme Johnson, MS
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