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Kidney Diseases

Cyst on top of kidney\adrenal gland



I have been diagnosed with 2 liver cysts 6 months ago. I went for a followup ultrasound that shows the liver cysts have not changed, but I now have "something" on the top of my kidney\adrenal gland. My doctor is sending me for a CT scan. Should I be worried about this development? There is no family history.


Kidney cysts are quite common in older people, and adrenal adenomas (benign tumors) are also not rare.  These may not be related at all to your liver cysts.  The CT scan should show whether the "something" is in your adrenal (a gland that sits on top of the kidney) or in the kidney itself.  It should also show whether this is a cyst (a fluid-filled, balloon-like structure) or a solid mass (which would more likely be a tumor that could be either benign or malignant).  If not enough info is obtained by the CT scan, an MRI may also be done, which will provide further detail.  If the spot looks like a cyst or like an adrenal tumor, your physician may choose to simply follow it and obtain another imaging study after 3-6 months to see if it's changed. 

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