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Digestive Disorders

Epigastric pain, bubbling stomach, and gas



Hello. I am a young girl in my early twenties and have been experiencing strange pain/discomfort in my stomach, bubbling sounds from my stomach and abdomen, and excessive gas lately. My doctor put me on an antacid which helps some with the stomach pains, which can hurt pretty bad at times! I have had several days with excessive gas that seemed to last all day long for the past month and constipation randomly. Not sure what to do about it and I`m just hoping that it`s not serious. I constantly feel tired. I also feel hungry sometimes shortly after I`ve eaten. I`ve woken up with pains in my upper stomach that hurt so bad that I couldn`t move for about 15 minutes. What should I do?


I'd recommend you see your doctor about your symptoms. In addition to that, you may want to pay attention to your diet to see if there are specific foods that worsen your symptoms (for example, dairy, carbonated drinks, etc.) and try to cut down on those foods and beverages. Also, you could try some over-the-counter Simethicone (also known as Gas-X) and see if your symptoms improve. Then, when you see your healthcare provider tell them if doing the above helped or didn't change your symptoms.

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