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Glycerin allergy



I too have a severe allergy to glycerin, which is a nightmare because it is used in almost every common product, including invasive products in the workplace and public such as perfumes, hand lotions, sanitizers, etc. plus in many medicines. (I`ve been tested, including with placebos, by doctors who doubted the allergy.) My father, who gave me horse-sized dozes of glycerin when I was a child with asthma and thinks that is why I developed the allergy, told me that the human body "produces" glycerin, particularly during exercise and dieting, which could explain why I break out in hives and my sensitivity goes thru the roof when I exercise or diet. Is there any truth to this and how can I lesson the effects, because I really love exercising and need to also diet. Most importantly, my allergy is so severe that my job is at risk (my employers don`t want to address the overuse of perfumed products in the workplace) so any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


Allergy to glycerin is extremely rare. It might cause contact dermatitis of the skin but I am unaware of its role in causing systemic symptoms such as hives or interacting with dieting. An allergist could determine this by controlled challenge testing.

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