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Interpretation of QCT BMD Results



I was tested in Dec. and I finally asked to see a copy of the results from my QCT BMD test. Findings stated: "obtained from L2, L3, L4 verebral bodies. Mean DMD is 121.5 with a T score of -2.0 and a Z score of -0.3." I will make an appointment with my doctor to discuss this, but could you interpret this for me? Thank you.


The convention is to use the T-score for making the diagnosis of osteoporosis.  Your T-score is in the osteopenia range.  That is the range in between normal and osteoporosis. Some would prefer it be called "low bone mass" instead of osteopenia because the latter sounds more like a disease when it really is not a disease.  You are getting close to the -2.5 point where most clinicians would recommend treatment.  Even at -2.0, if you have other risk factors for a fracture, many would recommend treatment.  Be sure to get calcium and vitamin D.

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Margery   Gass, MD Margery Gass, MD
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