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Can you help me?



I have a grandmother who had diabetes and neuropathy. She does not take care of herself and she does not get any exercise. She constantly keeps her legs propped up and they stay swollen. I am very concerned that she will lose her legs soon due to not getting any circulation in her legs. Does anyone have any advice as to what I can do to help someone who has given up. She is 71 years old.


It sounds as though your grandmother is clearly loved by you and is very fortunate to have you in her life. Your grandmother needs to get a provider who can and will listen to her and begin to address her needs: possible depression, better diabetes control, neuropathy evaluation and treatment along with high blood pressure and cholesterol.

With regard to her leg swelling, it might be heart failure, but more likely venous insufficiency which is easily treated. Hopefully your grandmother will value your advice and obtain the help she needs. We would be interested in hearing how she is doing after she is seen.

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Karen   Klyn, RN Karen Klyn, RN
Case Western Reserve University