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Digestive Disorders

Whitish/pale stools often diarrhea



My 14 month old daughter began having whitish stools often diarrhea 7 weeks ago, varying from looking like cottage cheese to clay. Our pediatrician did a stool sample, which came back normal, but the whitish/pale stools have remained. I have tried a no dairy diet for 10 days and also a no wheat diet for 10 days, which were recommended to try by the ped, neither of which helped. She has been eating normal table food since she was 9 months and had no problems prior to this. She did have a Hept A vaccine along with other vaccines at her 12 month check up, about a week prior to the change in her stool. She did have a high fever for about 4 days initially in conjunction with the whitish stools. Other than the whitish stool she is seems in good health, no fatigue, eating normal, drinking normal.

Is this something that I need to pursue a diagnosis for? What is the next step that we should take in finding out what is wrong?


If your baby appears to be growing well, is having the same number of bowel movements, eating well, and everything else is normal except for the color of the stools, you may want to wait to see if that also becomes normal again soon before pursuing additional evaluation.

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Julia Gore Thornton, MD Julia Gore Thornton, MD
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