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Digestive Disorders

Need answers about my gluten intolerence



I was tested for food sensitivities last summer and was given the results of my test (in the form of a pamphlet). I`m not sure of the medical "jargon" associated with my intolerences but I do know that I am to stay away from gluten. This is what my doctor told me. In the mean time, I went several months not adjusting my diet, etc... After researching gluten intolerences I`ve only come up with more questions that my doctor doesn`t seem to know how to answer. Should I have further tests to see if I have Celiac Disease? Simply telling me to eliminate gluten but can try to reintroduce it doesn`t tell me anything. I want to know what the severity of the intolerence is. I have no idea how to find a doctor that is "savvy" in regards to Celiac disease or testing for it or knows whether I should be tested for it. I would rather not go through the next five years with Celiac Disease and not know it. I do have ALL the signs/symptoms of CD and now that I`ve tried reducing my gluten intake, I can notice an extreme difference when I eat a heavy gluten meal. I don`t know who to speak with or where to find more information (in terms of a doctor). My doctor is of no help. I do have the test results and realize that it would be helpful for a/the new doctor to view but how do I find a doctor that knows a LOT about CD???


Celiac disease can be diagnosed with biopsies from the small intestine and/or blood tests for antibodies suggestive of celiac disease. Some of the symptoms of celiac disease are diarrhea, anemia, weight loss. These symptoms are mainly due to the fact that the intestinal lining becomes damaged and it becomes difficult for the body to absorb nutrients thus resulting in malabsorption and diarrhea, weight loss and anemia.  To find celiac resrouces, please consult the links below. 

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