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5 hour glucose test



I have recently had a 5 hour glucose test. My results never hit the 200 mark but my mg/dl levels are all over the charts. What does this mean? Fasting-99mg,ketone mg/dl-5 .5hr-190mg, ketone-neg, 1hr-195mg, ketone-50mg/dl, 2hr-126mg, ketone remain neg here out, 3hr-48 mg/dl, 4hr-70mg/dl, 5hr-73mg/dl. Is the high of 195 put me in pre-diabetes? Does the 48 put me in severe Hypoglycemia?


I am not certain what test you are referring to, whether it is a 5 hour oral glucose tolerance test or something else.  If so, this is not a standard test for the diagnosis of diabetes.  I would need to know more about the specifics of the test done, why it was being done (the question that was being asked by the performance of this test), the amount and route of glucose administration, the person undergoing the test and also confirm that all the values during the test are correctly labelled, notably whether the timing is correct on each result.  The results reported could be obtained in a healthy person but they may have a different significance depending on the context in which the test was done.

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Robert M Cohen, MD Robert M Cohen, MD
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University of Cincinnati