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Urinary and Genital Disorders (Children)

Blood found in my 11 year-old son`s urine



I have an 11 year-old son. During his annual checkup, the doctor said they found a little blood in my son`s urine. The doctor requested another test to be done in the morning. They say that it does happen to most of the kids, but my concern is that his grandfather from his dad`s side died from kidney disease. He lost both of his kidneys and a transplant did not work for him. Is it possible that my son has a kidney problem also? Is kidney disease genetic?


Usually a small amount of blood in the urine is insignificant in children, in the absence of obvious symptoms of illness. A diagnosis of hematuria on a urinalysis in the office usually is from a dipstick screening analysis; it needs to be confirmed with a microscopic analysis, which is performed in the lab. The amount of blood (number of red blood cells) and the level of blood (trace, 1+ to 4+) is important also. Larger amounts of blood are associated with an increased likelihood of finding an underlying condition, such as a kidney stone or cyst. It is not a usual sign of malignancy. Generally, signs of significant kidney disease would include high levels of protein in the urine, not blood.

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