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Difference in night sweats



how do you know for sure you are having nights sweats as appose to just sweating if it was warm that night?. i woke up with little sweat in between my breast, on my chest area early this morning.not real sure if it`s the fist sign of nigt sweats starting,because i`v been noticing some small changes since three weeks now,all started from gyn health issues . how long can they last if it`s from the cause of early hiv symptoms?.what are the times night sweats accur? how severe wil it be if it is from onset of hiv ? i know hiv causes some night sweats.


It sounds as if you are very concerned that you might have contracted HIV. If that's the case, you should be tested at the health department to be sure. This test is free and confidential. Don't wait till symptoms appear.

A little sweating between your breasts is not really a night sweat. A night sweat is usually manifested by awaking with the bedclothes damp from sweat, even if it isn't a hot night.

Again, I urge you to get tested; remember that if it is positive, there is lots of help available, and you won't be alone.

Hope this helps.

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Elizabeth R Barker, APRN, BC, FNP, FAANP, CHE, PhD Elizabeth R Barker, APRN, BC, FNP, FAANP, CHE, PhD
Professor of Clinical Nursing
College of Nursing
The Ohio State University