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Hives for 6 wks and swollen lips for 2 weeks



iwas on a med.(tukturna) lit swelled went off doc. said allergic reaction. havent taken any meds for 16 days and ive gotten hives almost daily(went 2 days in a row with no hives) and today woke up bottom lif swollen and now 4 hrs. later top lip swollen and a few hives on hands and side. I am relating this to perimenapause (i am going for blood work to confirm in april) any suggestions would be appreciated thanks i am a female almost 48 yrs.old not a drinker or smoker my right bottom lip is now starting to sweel i must go and take a benadryl


Your current symptoms could still be residuals of the drug reaction. You may need medication to control your drug reaction symptoms until they subside on their own. Consult your doctor for this.

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