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Do I Need a Second Opinion?



I am a 60 year old female. My mother, all my aunts and my older brother have osteoporosis. I had my 1st bone density at 53 with scores of -3.57 lumbar spine, left hip -2.05. My next numbers in 2004 were better after taking Actonel, calcium and vit. D (spine -3.28 and hip -1.62). In 2006 it went down slightly spine-3.30 and hep-1.68. My most recent numbers were bad, spine-3.69, hip -2.06. L 4 in the spine was -4.14. All the while I have religiously taken Actonel, calcium and vitamin D. I haven`t changed my diet in any significant way. My thyroid is normal (just had it tested). I was not tested to see if I might have a vitamin D deficiency. I read somewhere that if Actonel doesn`t work that there may be some other underlying cause for the drop in dexa scores, such as a thyroid problem or vitamin D deficiency. Between the 06 and 08 dexa scans I began exercising with regularity and thought that would help increase the scores. I feel like my body has betrayed me. Why does this happen when I am doing everything right? My rhumetologist has added miacalcin to my regimen. She also is talking about me taking Forteo for 18 months. Will all those medicines combined work? Before I decide to do this I feel like I want a 2nd opinion. Is a 2nd opinion something that would be beneficial to do before taking Forteo?


If you have not had an extensive workup for other causes of osteoporosis, it would be a good idea to see an osteoporosis expert for a complete evaluation.

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Margery   Gass, MD Margery Gass, MD
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University of Cincinnati