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Lung diseases

Lung blood clot



Approximately 5 weekw I had surgery on a broken ankle; 3 bones broken, plate needed plus 9 screws. I`ve been taking warfarin as well as pro-time tests at least once a week. Very difficult to move around I use a walker or wheelchair. I have been experiencing some pain on upper rt.side almost shoulder) which pains when I breathe, move, pick up an item thus difficult to use walker. The pain is tender to touch in front. I am assuming it is soft tissue irritation from increased use. My question; with assumed muscle pain do you think I am safe not seeing my dr. for a few days to let tissue begin to heal?


While this is most likely soft tissue pain - possibly from use of your arms for moving around (walker and wheelchair), I think you would be best seeing your doctor. It is far more likely to be a soft tissue injury than a blood clot, but blood clots can kill. Also, your doctor may be able to help you from causing permanent injury to your shoulder if you are simply unmasking an injury you didn't know about because you weren't using your shoulder as much.

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