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Autism Seems to be Getting Worse



Hi! I have a five year old daughter who seems to be getting worse with her autism. She is hitting herself when frustrated. She plays in her stools quite often. She does the hand flapping more and she is always fixating on her fist. She will sit and just stare at her fist. She doesn;t listen in school and this has just happened within the past 6 months. Not sure what to do or who to turn to. We have been to numerous doctors and we just can`t seem to get her better. Please help!!


Goodness, it sounds as though she is really having a tough time of things. Do you happen to live near a children's hospital? Has she ever received medication before? If not, it may be time to consider medication or if she's been on meds, she made need to be switched to a more beneficial one.

There are two promising medications which are now used to treat exactly the symptoms which you are describing. One is called Risperidone which is now approved by the FDA for treatment of autism. Also, there is another medication which is currently being tested for FDA approval called Ariprizole. Both are showing very promising results.

It might be worthwhile for you to look into a professional who is specialized in the treatment of autism and discuss with them the possibility of whether or not one of these drugs might be appropriate.

Best of luck to you and your daughter.

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Susan Thompson, MSN, CPNP
Research Nurse Practitioner
OSU Nisonger Center
The Ohio State University