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COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

Asthma, emphysema or neither?



I had been breathless for a few weeks when speaking and was eventually admitted to hospital after my doctor did a spirometry which was normal! (94%) The hosp sent me to another hosp for a pft and gas exchange box test my results were as follows Iwould so appreciate your opinion my doc says he thinks its asthma, the results suggested emphysema, I am not sure if it is either as I am not breathless all the time. Thanks. ps I dont expect a diagnosis just your opinion Thankyou again FEV 1 (L) 2.67 3.91 3.00 91 FVC (L) 3.12 4.53 4.72 124 FEV 1%FVC(%) 63.49 FEV50 (L/s) 2.51 6.12 2.12 49 PEF (L/min)351.8 529.0 419.0 95 FEV/VCmax%pred (%) 76.32

There are a lot of other figures which I dont know if you would need eg VC RV TLC RV %TLC maybe you could tell me if you do.


It is not clear which numbers are the actual values vs. predicted or % predicted in this test. Without knowing anything about your smoking history, as well as results from additional tests such as diffusion capacity, or "pre" and "post" bronchodilator challenge for reversibility, it is not possible for us to offer an opinion about this test.

Some questions you might want to ask your physician could be:

- Would pulmonary rehabilitation be an option for you?

- Would he or she suggest any treatment or additional tests to further diagnose or to treat your symptoms?

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