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I Need Help with my 11 yr old Son with Autism



I have a son with autism who will be eleven next month.He is on medications but they don`t seem to work.He is very delayed with an IQ of 48. He is very aggressive. Has many tantrums a day. He goes off at the drop of a pin. We feel like we have to walk on egg shells.He gorges on foods and there are many he won`t eat or he is sensitive too. He gets mad and you better get out of the way cause he throws things,hits his brother and screams and calls us bad names.He can`t accept no. He wants things to be his way or not at all. He wants to be in control of everything. He is controlling this house. But he does love me. He tells me all the time. He gives me kisses and hugs. He says he sorry but five minutes later he is doing the same thing again. Today he threw picture frames off of the wall and broke his drawer by throwing it. My husband and I are not agreeing on anything. He thinks we need to send my son away. I just can`t do that. I can`t give up on him and I refuse to do so. What can I do to get better control? Right now he is the one controlling this house.


I recommend you consult a behavioral psychologist for an evaluation of the behavior problems - many times they are maintained by their consequences. A behavior specialist could help to identify what triggers and maintains the behavior. They could also assist with strategies to increase appropriate skills (e.g., many times teaching communication skills helps with decreasing challenging behaviors). I would also recommend another medical evaluation. Perhaps the medicines are not optimal. Risperdal has been approved by the FDA for this type of behavior in children with PDDs.

Good luck.

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