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Iron avidity - causes and treatment



Can you please explain the causes and treatment of iron avidity? I was recently diagnosed with hetro HH for which I was tested because of my constantly high RBC, HCT and HGB. Maybe this is just a coincidence and there is another problem? Liver function is normal. Iron 166, Ferritin 22, TIBC 323, saturation 51%. I have not had any phlebotomies. No one is able to explain these conflicting results. Symptoms are very low body temp 95.6, lack of energy, not sweating, low grade depression. Should I give blood, supplement with iron or nothing??


Your ferritin of 22 does suggest borderline iron deficiency.  That could certainly cause you to lack energy and feel fatigued.  Low grade depression may or may not be related.  It might we worth checking your thyroid, but that has nothing to do with iron levels. 

Please follow up with your physician and ask him/her specifically regarding your symptoms.  Additionally, you may find information about iron avidity from the Iron Disorders Institute helpful (see links below).

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