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Pancreatic Cancer

Pain in upper right quadrant (pancreas/liver)



I have been experiencing alot of pain in the pancreas/liver area for the last 6-7 years. The pain started out mild in the first couple years, but down the road it become so severe and I could barely make through having 1-3 attacks everyday. Here are some of the symptoms I have been experiencing on a daily basis: severe abdominal pain, every single piece of food irritaes my pain even if I eat or not, back pains, dizziness, nausea, diahrrea/minor bleeding, sore joints, chest pain, migranes, nosebleeds. All my tests have been negative, I have also gotton second opinions and still come up empty handed. Here are some of the surgeries I have had over the past 9 years. Tonsils/blood transfusion (age 16), diagnosed with high insulin levels/appendix (age 18), gallbladder (age 20), fatty liver/ovary disease (age 25). I feel that the pain is my pancreas not functioning right. could this be it? Some of my symptoms fit the pancreas but I have run out of answers because I have taken almost every test there is. any suggestions to what might be causing my pain or what i should do next? thank you


The symptoms could be due to the pancreas or other structures like colon, stomach. I am not sure what procedures have been done. Definitely, seeing a gastroenterologist with pancreas interest is a good idea. Some imaging could be done to the pancreas besides CT scans like endoscopy or ultrasound.

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