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Parkinson's Disease

Carb Levo dosage



My mother-in-law had been prescribed per day, 2 doses of 25/100 carb levo, 2 doses of 50/200 per day plus a Comtan first thing in am and last thing at pm by her neurologist. She has recently had gall bladder surgery and her primary general physician has put her on 4 doses of 10/100 Carb Levo daily

My question is: would this dramatic cut in her PD medication cause her to have dementia and memory loss?


This forum is not meant to answer individualized therapy questions.  However, in general there are several reasons why patients with PD might develop problems with cognition (thinking). 

First, any illness or physical stressor such as surgery, might worsen PD motor and non-motor symptoms.  In most patients this is temporary until recovery is complete.  In some, their baseline worsening persists. 

Second, other issues may occur to cause cognitive and motor problems such as anemia, infection (bladder infection is common), metabolic disturbances or new medications such as pain medicines. 

Third, some patients have a slowly progressive cognitive decline that is not noticed until some event (like surgery) occurs and puts more stress on their system. 

Finally, it is important that PD medicine that has been taken for a long time remain stable during periods of these stressors.  Sinemet comes in several formulations and they are not equivalent to each other.  Patients should be closely assessed by a neurologist when worsening occurs.

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