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Colon Cancer

Rectal bleeding - concerned, please help



I know I should see a doctor, but before I risk embarrassing myself for something not serious and taking up an M.D.`s time, I wanted to seek a private source. The problem is I have blood in my stool. This is often irregular, but when it happens it often lasts a week or more. There is no pain, and no rush to go. Upon further inspection, it seems my stool is healthy in the beginning, but at the end when I try to finish is when the blood comes. I am not squeezing too hard, it takes little effort for the blood to follow. The amount of blood is often excessive, and that is which worries me. So far I have not encountered any after-effects or pains afterward. I am 24 and 250 (lbs) /6`1", and this seems unusual for someone my age. Thank you for any information and your consideration.


Most likely in someone your age, this is a hemorrhoidal problem or a tear near the anal opening, but you should still see a doctor to check things out and make sure its not more serious.

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Gregory S Cooper, MD Gregory S Cooper, MD
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