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Exercise and Fitness

Cardio with knee injury



I injured my left knee on 12/31/07. According to my MRI, I have a bone bruise on my tibia. This has interfered with my weekend jogs and leg exercises. Basically, I have been inactive for 3 months and it`s showing. I need some type of idea of what I can do Cardio-wise before swimsuit season catches up with me. All I ever hear is rest, ice and ibuprofen. However, this is not keeping me toned and healthy; and I don`t want to do something on my own that could seriously injure myself.


Sorry to hear about your injury.  Regarding what exercises you can do; it is best to consult your physician or other health care provider.  They should release you to resume your exercise program when they feel it is safe.  That said, perhaps you can still perform exercises for your upper body and core as long as you are not putting undue stress on your bruise.   Good luck with your recovery.  I hope you can ease back into your routine soon. 


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