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About the finding of MRI without contrast



An MRI was done for fainting, intermittent aphasia--this has happened infrequently over the past 10 years. Results read--No intracranial infarct, hemorrhage or mass seen. Ventricles and extra-axial spaces are age-appropriate in size (age 27 female). Mildy prominent perivascular space is noted in particular at the frontoparietal regions bilateraly. Other is normal.

What does the "mildly prominent....regions bilaterally" mean? Should I see a neurologist or not? I was told by MD that it is normal.


Prominent Perivascular space is a normal finding in MRI. Best Regards.

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Yousef  Mohammad, MD, MSc Yousef Mohammad, MD, MSc
Assistant Professor
Director, Stroke Fellowship Program
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University