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Prostate Cancer

Is PSA of 4.4 Good for a 50 Year Old?



My husband is 50 years old and had a PSA test and a DRE done. The PSA test came back at 4.4. He has no symptoms, no family history of prostate cancer. His doctor suggested a biopsy. After reading some reports about how sexual activity & other things can influence a PSA test, he asked the doctor if he could do another PSA test in 6 weeks like many suggest. Is this the thing to do, or should he go into have the biopsy? Is 4.4 considered alarming for a 50 year old man? Thank you.


PSA of 4.4 in a healthy 50 year old man will get the attention of any good urologist as the average PSA for men in their 50's is 0.9. I would recommend repeating the PSA any time but if it remains elevated [it almost certainly will not be exactly 4.4] a prostate biopsy is definitely recommended.

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R Bruce  Bracken, MD R Bruce Bracken, MD
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