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Senior Health

Shivering in the morning



My dad who is 88 years old has a problem in the morning that seems to be getting worse. He has a very hard time coming out of sleeping and starts full body tremors that can last until noon or so. Then for the rest of the day (most days) he steadily improves. He makes himself very upset over this and then that increases the tremors. What causes this?


This shivering as you refer to your Dad's morning behavior or "tremors" do not usually occur naturally in aging. Strongly suggest that your Dad see his primary care provider to evaluate his health. It would be difficult to provide a cause for these "tremors" when there is so little information in your note. Hopefully, you are successful in encouraging your Dad to have his health evaluated soon.

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Evelyn L Fitzwater, DSN, RN Evelyn L Fitzwater, DSN, RN
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