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Crowns, Bridges, Dentures, Implants

Pain and a new crown



I had old fillings removed and a build up of tooth # 31 and then a shave down of the tooth in preperation for a crown.(No root canal was given or suggested) I had no pain after the shave down or while the temp crown was in place except that my jaw ached from the injections. I had to be numbed again in order to be able to stand the dentist putting the crown in place because the pain was way too much. Since receiving the permanent crown.(Which the dentist seemed to have to do quite a bit of adjustment to)I have had nothing but pain.A severe and constant throbbing pain. First he had me on darvocet for a week and now in the second week he has me on antibiotics and ibuprofen 800mg. I am very frightened to say the least and after 2 weeks of pain it is very much wearing on my well being.. I should mention that the dentist says there appears to be nothing wrong with the crown and he took an x-ray and says he can`t see any reason that I should be having pain. I am hopeing you might have some alternate suggestions. Thank you for your time.


I recommend an evaluation by an endodontist who specializes in root canals. Your pain does not sound ordinary.

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Nancy L Clelland, DMD, MSD Nancy L Clelland, DMD, MSD
Professor of Restorative & Prosthetic Dentistry
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University