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Enlarged left ovary



i had my uterus removed about 10 years ago i am 52 years old .cause of constant pain on my lower back that goes aroun to the front. i was sent to have a cat scan. that showed a4 cm rounded density in the pelvison the left side representing mildly enlarged left ovary.whick measures 4cm x 4cm. now i have to get a ultra sound.all i want is too understand what this means, i would have to wait till my dr returns from a family emergency for my results, i need to at least have a idea of what this means will this mean i would need surgery to have them removed, i`m okay with that, i just want to know something.. thank you very much


Without the details of the sonogram, I can't be of much help. If the mass if found to be complex (filled with debris, thickened walls, septations), then it needs to be removed. If the cyst is simple, then it can be watched for changes. Since you have pain, there is even more reason for it to be removed. It is very likely that surgery, even if just to better evaluate the mass, will be recommended.

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