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Endometrial cells in pap smear of post-menap.



I sent a question this morning and omitted significant info. My doctor called me and said that although my Pap smear was normal there were endometrial cells in it. I am post-menopausal, 60 years old with ovaries removed in 1995 because of non-cancerous growth on one. My physician wants me to have a biopsy and an ultrasound. I already had an interuterine ultrasound in October and the results were that the uterine lining was 3mm. thick. Should I have these tests? How concerned should I be? I tend to be a worrier and since my scheduled tests are not until May 8th I am concerned? Thank you.


Since your ultrasound showed the lining to be 3 mm, that is reassuring.  You still need the microscopic evaluation of the cervix along with biopsies.  This is too look for changes too small for an ultrasound to see.

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