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Persisitent pelvic pain



First, I am a 25 yo female with a history of endocervical adenocarcinoma in situ with a negative std/sti history. I have had most of my cervix removed. One month post op (all margins negative) I started having very sharp, pinpoint pain in my pelvic region. The pain occurs daily and is either in the lower right or lower left and never both sides at the same time. I called my gyn/onc after the pains did not subside after 3 weeks. I took flagyl for 7 days for a possible infection from surgery. My symptoms persisted, and a month later I returned to my doctor. My last menstrual cycle was fairly light with dark brown colored blood and chunks of tissue in it. My doctor tried to take an endometrial sample but could not pass through my cervix. I had an ultrasound done and everything looked good. I am now taking doxycycline for an endometrial infection caused by cervical stenosis. I do not have a fever, discharge or anything else abnormal. Shouldn`t the flagyl have knocked out any infection? How could the tissue pass through my cervix and not the problematic etiology of this infection? Should I consider that this pain may not be associated with my reproductive system? It has been two months, I hope to start trying to conceive as soon as possible, and would greatly appreciate any advice you could give me.


If there is an infection, it should be cleared with antibiotics. Sometimes it takes more than one type of antibiotic to clear things up. It may be completely unrelated to your surgery or gynecology condition.

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