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Parkinson's Disease

What do I do now?



I am a 36 y o female dx with PD 4 years ago. Since that time I have had melanoma R thigh, dermoid tumor on my spine which was partially removed, had a dystonic spell after that surgery and was hospitalized for 2 weeks with spinal meningitis. I came home with a pic line and vancomycin 1800 mg 2 x a day. I have also had bladder and bowel problems having to use catheter and help to move my bowels. I am now 8 weeks post op TVH after having a colposcopy and a leep with pre cancer cells on my cervix. Now, I have followed up every 6 months with an MRI of my back to make sure the tumor hasn`t changed, but a few weeks ago the MRI showed the tumor has grown. My neurosurgeon wants to wait 4 months and do another one, unless my pain gets worse. I thought my body was finally reaching a point where it was going to get back to normal or as normal as possible, but lately (since the hysterectomy) I have been able to void with no hesitation or effort and I have had diarrhea for weeks now rather than the opposite. I don`t quite understand the results of my MRI and I just wander if now that my cervix and uterus is no longer there, that maybe that tumor is pushing on my bowels causing the diarrhea. My MRI Impression was there has been interval increase in size of the heterogeneous lesion, which appears to be intrathecal involving the caudia equina at the L3 level. Patient is s/p laminectomy at this level and correlation with surgical history and suspicion for recurrent lesion would be recommended. Persisent R formaminal disc protrusion an annular tear at L3-4 which contacts the existing R L3 nerve root sheath. When I went back for my follow up, my doctor did not have the results, only the films. So, I am not sure what all this means. I also have a wisdom tooth that is bothering me and the oral surgeon said he would not touch it until I found out about my back. He said it was so impacted that the nerves are running through the middle of the tooth and if he tried to get it, that I could possible brake my jaw or lose the sensation. He also went on to say that I at some point had a cyst and that he had not seen many teeth like this one and that some of them had a tumor behind the tooth. Sorry I am going on and on, but I feel you need to know some of my medical history. At this point, I am beginning to hurt everyday, but I am trying to endure the pain because I don`t want to have surgery, but he told me there was no other way to remove it. I begged him to just take a needle and suck it out, but he said it wasn`t that easy. I guess I am looking for guidance and advice. Have you ever heard of such and what can you make of the MRI report. Thanks so much for your help.


This forum is for providing general information about Parkinson's disease (PD), and not to provide individual diagnosis or advise. It also appears you have questions regarding issues beyond the spectrum of this forum. 

Here is some information regarding PD that I can provide you with:

Patient's with PD are at higher risk for developing dermatological problems, including skin cancer such as melanoma. These often need to be evaluated and treated by a dermatologist. I am unaware of any data supporting a link between PD to dermoid cysts.

It is common for patients with PD to experience worsening symptoms of disease during periods of increased stress to the body (such as when fighting an acute infections or following surgical procedures). Patients with young onset PD can sometimes have symptoms of dystonia, and this too will worsen during periods of increased stress to the body. The PD symptoms typically improve back toward baseline as the acute medical problem resolves.  

I suggest you contact your doctors to further discuss your recent imaging studies and concerns about your health.

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Go to the Parkinson's Disease health topic, where you can:

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Punit  Agrawal, DO Punit Agrawal, DO
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College of Medicine
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