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Can having allergies cause you to get a cold?



How can I tell if my neice has a cold or if she`s allergic to cats? My neice seems to be constantly sick with a "cold". Both her mother whom I live with, & her father own cats. They share custody, so she never really gets a break from the cat allergens. When she does seem sick she has watery, red eyes & a runny nose which later turns into coughing, especially at night. The last times times she`s been "sick" my 5 month old son has gotten bronchitis. I realize he would only get bonchitis if it was an actual cold, but I wonder if she keeps getting such bad colds because of allergies or simply lack of disinfecting.


From your description your niece probably has a chronic nasal allergy. She should see an allergist who can determine whether the cat is one of the culprits.

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