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Swelling after intercourse



I have noticed lately that after sex my inner and outer labia become swelled and feels numb. There is a slight feel of pinching but not until after a few minutes of intercourse. Could this be related to my partners girth or is it a symptom or a sign of something else? I did get an exam after it first happened and recieved a clean bill of health. Please help.


Swelling after intercourse is likely a sign of some kind of trauma or irritation. Your partner's girth could lead to more friction and therefore irritation. You could also come into contact with something that is irritating to the vagina like lubricants, spermicides, latex, etc. You should look for some type of foreign substance that could be causing symptoms. You could also try more lubrication either by an over-the-counter product, or increased foreplay. If things don't improve, you should be evaluated by your gynecologist.

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