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Urinary Disorders

Dropped Kidney



I have a dropped left kidney that hurts most of the time, from just under the ribcage straight through to the high, lower back. I can rub hard and deep starting low and pushing upward several times and it will take care of it for awhile but does not take long for it to hurt again. Any solutions to fix this.


I do not know what a dropped kidney is as this is not a standard term used by urologists. I wonder if you have a ptotic kidney? Ptotic kidneys move or drop a long way into the lower flank or pelvis from their usual anatomic position beneath the ribs when a slender person stands up from a lying down position. In my mind Ptotic kidneys usually do not cause pain.

It is not clear to me that your pain is coming from the kidney but that is harder to be certain about than you may think. Usually, rubbing the flank does not make kidney pain better. I think you should be evaluated by a urologist.

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R Bruce  Bracken, MD R Bruce Bracken, MD
Professor of Surgery
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati