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Sports Medicine

Inguinal post-operative pain



I have a sharp, burning pain in my groin (between thigh and scrotum) on the same side as my hernia operation. It is worse when I stand having been seated for a period of time but also occurs when I stand from laying down. If I support my right testicle the pain is reduced and often disappears - Is this normal and will it abate?


If your surgery has been within the last several weeks, this type of pain would not be unusual.  Traction of the spermatic cord which supports the testicle can pull on the surgical area and could cause this type of pain.  As long as there is no swelling of the testicle or redness/swelling of the surgical site, this is discomfort that should abate over the next several weeks.  Of course, if the symptoms are persistent or worsening, I would recommend that you seek re-evaluation of your condition.

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Charles Webster, MD
Assistant Professor
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati