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Can`t stop period



Hi-Im 44 yrs old. My doctor suggested a total hysterectomy due to prolonged menstrual cycles for past 2 years, cysts on ovarys, endometriosis. But before we do that she suggested BC pills for a couple of months to try and regulate the cycle. Last month I started the pill Seasonique on Sunday March 16th (the day after I started my period). The problem is I haven`t stopped bleeding. I saw the Dr. on day 26 and told her I have been on my period for this long. (she did a 2nd endometrial biopsy this day, haven`t heard from her about the results yet, she did it again from a month ago because she said although my harmone blood work came back ok the harmone from the biopsy didn`t correlate, plus she was able to get a good sample since i was bleeding) That day she switched me to BC Pill Femcon. She said to double up on the pills to catch up to the correct date and the bleeding will stop. That was 9 days ago and im still bleeding. Now its 34 days of straight bleeding. I don;t see any sight in this period ending. Does she seem to be on the right protocol? What can I do to stop the bleeding. Thank you


It really depends on the cause of the bleeding. If it seems that your cycles are abnormal because of the failure to ovulate, then hormonal management may be your best option. If you have any anatomic abnormalities like a polyp or fibroids, then surgery is the best treatment. That is about the best advise I can give without more information. Hysterectomy will always solve the problem, it just may not be the best solution.

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