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Eating Disorders

Long term effects of bulimia



I have made myself throw up after meals on and off for the past year. I dont know if I would be considered bulimic or not, but nonetheless I have stopped this habit, but am very concerned about the long term affects. COuld my stomach rupture or assophagus rupture from this short time if i show no symptoms yet. How can I check to make sure? I am extremely concerned!!


I would recommend you have a physical and see your primary care physician. Explain your recent history of purging in detail to your doctor. Explain how many times you made yourself vomit over an average weekly period of time, or if you vomited a lot at one time and little at another time.  Also explain to your MD how many times you made yourself vomit each time you purged.

Your MD can then ask you more about current symptoms, decide if an upper GI or EKG needs to be run.

There are chances heart damage can occur as well.

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Laura  L Hill, PhD Laura L Hill, PhD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University