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Addiction and Substance Abuse

Chest pains occuring after smoking weed



i have been smoking weed for a few years now. maybe once or twice a month so not too often. after a few months of smoking weed, i began to experience sharp chest pains a few minutes after smoking and it occurs for my entire high. it goes away when i am around my friends or doing someting like walking. what could be causing this? is it possible that i am imagining this happening and the cannabis is making my mind believe i am feeling pain? thank you for your help in advance. o and also my grandfather had a heart attack and i think we have a history of them in our family. i am 17


Thank you for your question.

Smoking marijuana can produce a feeling of chest pain in people, usually it is actually coming from the lung itself and not (especially at your age) from the heart. "Lung-caused" chest pain is less potentially fatal than "heart-caused" chest pain, like in the case of your grandfather. None-the-less, it is totally not normal to be having chest pains from your lungs, it is likely causing damage, and since smoking is only an occasional activity for you, it would CLEARLY be best if you just stopped smoking all together (marijuana and nicotine).

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