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Oral Cancer

Sore Spot on Soft Palate



I have a spot on the left hand side of my soft palate. I felt it the first time in November of last year. It is now sore more often than at first and especially when I eat anything acidy or strong tea/coffee also wine makes it sore. My tongue rubbing against it doesn`t help. I visited my general physician who referred me to the ENT.I went to the ENT after Christmas and had the camera up the nose and down my throat and the doctor could not see anything. Since then I have put up with it until last week and I again went ot my general physician who has now given me Omeprazole for reflux. I can see and touch the spot with my finger, would my dentist be better at finding out what it is? Have you had anyone presenting these symptoms before? I worry at night now in case they are not picking up early signs of oral cancer.


Unfortunately it is not possible to determine what this represents via a description. A persistent or symptomatic oral lesion should be followed up by an ENT or oral surgeon who can determine whether anything such a biopsy should be considered.

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Amit  Agrawal, MD Amit Agrawal, MD
Associate Professor of Otolaryngology
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University