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I am having diabetes over 10 years, using oral medication & every day morning test is in range 120-190. My doctor said that if I want (to prevent jumping numbers from day to day)he may put me on once a day insulin. Should I agree? What is the criteria for starting injections? What is a good idea: stay away from insulin or start with it? Thanks.


Insulin is an excellent drug.  Type 2 diabetes is progressive over time, meaning that blood sugars can become worse and you may need more intensive measures to control it.  The criterion should be whether you are getting to good blood sugar control that will slow the risk of progression of diabetic complications.  If more intensive diet and exercise is sufficient, that is a good choice.  If it is not sufficient, then that may simply be a consequence of the disease progressing and insulin may then be the right choice.  Please look at some of the other links available from the diabetes page and also feel free to browse some of the questions that we have answered before - those should help with much of what you want to know.

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Robert M Cohen, MD Robert M Cohen, MD
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