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20 month-old child allergic to everything



My 20 month-old nephew has an allergic reaction to most of the food we give. He has severe eczema and he is being treated for that. If we give some new food then we can see him itching so hard that he bleeds. This is so hard to watch. Food allergies has never run in our family. My nephew`s father is allergic to eggs, but that`s all he is allergic to. He is not able to drink whole milk either. He looks very thin because of this. He is also allergic to dust. My question is: Will this sort of allergies go after a period of time or is it lifelong? Is there anyway we can cure this allergy? Since he is having a reaction to almost all the food what can we give him? Thanks.


Your nephew’s problem is complicated. He should be thoroughly evaluated by an allergist or a physician who has experience in treating refractory eczema. There are other factors besides food that can lead to chronicity in eczema.

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