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Kidney Diseases

Low-potassium ensure-type product.



Can you recommend a low-potassium Ensure-type product?


This depends on where you live, and you probably should consult a dietitian in your area.  In the Cleveland hospital where I work, we use either Nepro or Nutren Renal.  Both of these products are designed for people with kidney disease; such patients have to be careful about potassium intake.  Each of these products contains about 1/3 to 1/4 the amount of potassium that standard supplements like Ensure do, for an equal amount of caloric intake.  The renal preparations are also twice as concentrated as standard Ensure, so you only need to drink half as much to get the same number of calories.  In other words, if you drink 250 ml of Ensure, you get 242 calories and 527 mg of potassium.  To get the same number of calories of Nutren Renal, you have to drink only 125 ml, which contains only 157 mg of potassium.  Hope this info helps! 

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Mildred   Lam, MD Mildred Lam, MD
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