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I am 60 years old & a construction worker. I am in very good physical condition. my last physical was about 4 months ago & found nothing. My blood test showed no diabetes but, I seem to bruse very easy. I know that in my trade we might not be to kind to our bodys sometimes but, I never got bruses at all, even when I fell 15 feet down an elevator shaft, I was about 25 years old & not a bruse,lots of pain but no bruse. Is this just a sign of my age


If you had a doctor to whom you went for a physical before and in the interim you have developing a problem with bruising, I would go back to the same doctor and tell them about this new problem.  Bruising doesn't have to be due to a medical problem but it could be - so it warrants having somebody go over you and figure out whether your blood clotting systems are functioning normally.  If they are not, then it bears thinking through the list of possibilities and deciding.  If this is a change for you and you do work in which you are at risk of falling or being hit by something, then I would pursue the problem rather than wait for a worsening to happen.

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Robert M Cohen, MD Robert M Cohen, MD
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College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati