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Skin Care and Diseases

How do I treat eczema on the breasts?



I have had skin problems all my life, however most recently I have been dealing with the worst outbreak of eczema I have ever had. I had rashes on my face, in the folds of my arms, on my breast around my nipples, below my stomach, and behind my knees all at the same time. I was completely miserable. Of all the places the area on my chest was the worst. It got to the point that areas around my nipples ran a yellow fluid. I went to the doctor and she prescibed three creams for me to use on my face, arms, and chest.I know this is not normal. It has since ceased, but I want to know if this a type of eczema or a indication of something else? A Also, I have been tested for diabetes several times and I tested negative each time.


It is not unusual for eczema to affect the chest/breast areas. Topical steroids are still the main treatment. For the areas around the nipples, a mild potency topical steroid is usually prescribed, especially if the duration of utilization is quite chronic/prolonged. Eczema is known to undergo flares and remissions. Stress can induce it. Seasonal changes, dry skin, are other factors, as well as skin infections.

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