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Colorectal Diseases

Tortuous sigmoid colon



One week after being told i had a virus i ended up in the hosp. receiving 3 pts. of blood due to a hemoglobin count of 6. A stool sample contained blood. Today, five days after my release,. I had an out patient colonoscopy. The dr. was unable to pass the scope through the sigmoid colon and said it was very tortuous. I then received a barium enema. I was released shortly thereafter without talking to the dr. Are there other ways to view the uppper part of my colon and what thoughts do you have on this entire saga? Help!!


Having a barium enema after "incomplete" colonoscopy is the usual course of action; call your doctor's office to see if you can get those results first.

The other technology being used to visualize the colon in this setting is CT colonography, but it is not available in all hospitals.

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