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Allergies especially.... mushroom?



I will start off by telling you I am 99% sure I have a black mold allergy. I was in my mom`s basement for 1-2 hours cleaning black mold. Of course the basement is dusty too. I barely made it up the stairs I could hardly breathe. I was wheezing. I was light headed til I got out side and in to fresh air.(for a while ) I have sensitive skin. I use 2-3 kinds of make up brands I know have never cause me problems. I rarely use scented bath/shower gel it leaves me blotchy. Over applying my perfume leaves me blotchy too. For the longest time I ate mushrooms mostly like in cream of mushroom soup. Then about 4 years ago I ate a "puff ball" 1 hour at the most later I had hives EVERY WHERE.... I do mean every where. Scalp whole body!! Upset stomach. Itch Itch The upset stomach lasted the next day too. So for a very long time I quit eating mushrooms. Then by accident I ate a dish with cream of mushroom in it. No itch. a little of upset stomach no biggie. So last night I tried a portabello mushroom WELL GUESS WHAT! HIVES (45MIN-1HR AFTER EATING) TODAY THE DAY AFTER EATING I ITCHED A LITTLE AND HAD AN UPSET STOMACH. I keep benadryll in the house in case I run in to mushrooms in a meal. I have bad allergies in the spring. (Some nights I am up in a chair and take the allergy medicine as soon as the box says I can again.So I can breathe and sleep) I am also on allergy eye drops as prescribed by my eye doctor. I am also allergic to preservatives in eye drops. So why do the portabello mushrooms and puff balls cause allergies?But the ones in cream of mushroom soup don`t seem to affect me. Also I have had a meal with bits of truffle on the meat in the main entree. (fyi) Should I be useing a facial peel with mushroom protein in it? can you answer any of these questions? I tried to provide a little back ground info into my allergy back ground. I also have an allergy to latex and powder. like would be in pair of gloves in the medical field


The questions you are asking are very good questions. Some of them are specific and so I would suggest you talk with your doctor or an allergist about your symptoms. Many of your symptoms sound like reactions to the mushrooms, but may or may not be allergy. Sometimes people eat foods that cause reactions that are due to the food itself (called intolerance) and not an allergic reaction. The best example of this is Lactose intolerance. Here, the person is having a reaction to milk and dairy products, but it is not caused by an "allergy" mechanism. None the less, the food is causing the symptoms.

One possible explanation for your symptoms to foods that change whether they are raw or cooked has to do with how a food changes when it is cooked. When a substance is heated or cooked, the proteins often change shape, which can change the ability of a protein to cause or not cause an allergy. This is true of some, but not all proteins. Many common food allergens, like egg, milk, nuts, seafood and wheat (just to name a few) can cause symptoms in their raw and cooked form. Other foods will cause allergy symptoms only when they are raw, but not when they are cooked, because the proteins change when they are heated.

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