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Diabetes Highs and Lows



I am a dibetice for four and a half years. I am on the pump for three of the years. I am writing to find out if I am going to feel my highs and lows at anytime because right now I don`t feel a thing or have any outword sign. What can I do to try to start feeling them. Or what is it that makes me not feel them I have had a 30 reading and don`t feel it. It was just before my shower and I always check it before and after my shower. Thanks for you time. It would be great to get this answered


Some people with diabetes do experience variations over time in how well they feel their low blood sugars.  Some, in particular, notice a decrease in how well they sense them when they achieve a marked change in blood sugar as, for example, after starting on an insulin pump.  You really need an experienced diabetes physician-educator team to guide you if you are having problems like this in relationship to a pump.  There are such teams at many major medical centers, as for example the 3 NetWellness institutions. If your own provider is not experienced with this issue and you live in or near Ohio, you may want to consider contacting the NetWellness physician referral line or if elsewhere in the United States the local office of the American Diabetes Association.  Also, try the indicated web links for additional sources of information.

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Robert M Cohen, MD Robert M Cohen, MD
Professor of Clinical Medicine
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati