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Possibilities of pregnancy



My husband and I want to have children but I am presently on Bromocriptine because a benign tumor was on my pituitary gland giving me over production of prolactin and having no period. Anyway, with this medication I have been having a period every month and no secretion of "milk". Would I still be able to get pregnant while on this drug? Eager to know.


If your prolactin levels have normalized after taking this medicine, and if you are ovulating (producing an egg) regularly, you can conceive while on this medication.  Depending on the size of your tumor, you would either continue the medication during pregnancy, or stop it when you become pregnant.  Your doctor would make that decision. 

If you are ovulating on the medication but do not conceive within 1 year of trying , you should see an infertility specialist for an evaluation.

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Daniel B Williams, MD Daniel B Williams, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati