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I had bowel surgery 15 years ago, I now have n illiostomy.I was selebet for 10 years and at the age of 41tryed to concieve. I was sent for ultra sound after ultra sound and the Doctor kept telling us all was ok. I am now 45 and my doctor suggested a curette. She could not get into my uterus. She said that my uterus had fixed itself int my elvis and my cervix had closed this I find hard to believe because I still get a period nd I KNOW I have had 3 miscarrigaes in the past 4 yars. My doctor cannot explain this and wishes to refer me on. I have amost run ot of time. Can you explain to me weather anything can be done.


If you are 45 years of age, the chances of your being able to successfully conceive using your own eggs would be virtually zero.  In our program, we only treat patients 45 or older with donor eggs.  This would give you your best chance to conceive.  A simple ultrasound test or a hysteroscopy (telescope in the uterus) would be performed to make sure that your uterine cavity is normal.  Finally, a semen analysis would be performed in your husband.  You should contact an infertility specialist for more information.

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