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Sleep Disorders

Trouble waking up



As long as I can remember, I have had trouble waking up. I hit the alarm sometimes for almost an hour straight before getting up. I know this just makes me more tired and will make me late and get me in trouble, but I just can`t manage to get up. I was always late in high school. In college, I couldn`t get up, even if my first class wasn`t until noon. I was late almost every single day for the job I worked for 2 years. It was 6am shift, and I did sometimes get to bed to late, but I find even now if I get 5, 6, or 9 hours of sleep I can still not just get up. I even moved away form gloomy Ohio to sunny AZ. It`s sunny as heck when I get wake up and I still can`t do it. On the weekends, I can sleep 12 hours and still want to sleep more. I thought maybe it could be delayed sleep phase syndrome, because I can usually stay up pretty late, and sometimes have trouble falling asleep, and never really get to bed when I want to. I used to be a bartender in college, where I was up until 3-5am most nights. Then I switched to a job where I had to be up at 5am every day. I always thought I was just lazy, or unmotivated, or didn`t want to get up because I hate my job, which it could be, but lately I`ve been thinking it could be sleep disorder-related. About the only time I can wake up on time is when I have something super important in the morning and wake up about every hour on the hour because I`m nervous about missing it, so I never really sleep then anyways. Please help, my job and future depend on it.


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